Service provided by CAR property management:

Maryland Property Management company , offers but not be limited to the following duties in management of your property:
Property Management


  • Rental collections and separate trust account banking (professionally trained collection department)
  • Payment of all bills incurred on behalf of the property; including taxes, loan payment, insurance and repairs
  • Prepare necessary forms at no additional cost; notice to quit, change of terms, 3-day pay or quit
  • Complete eviction service (legal staff available from start to finish)
  • Comprehensive, computerized monthly statements, including a complete record of all collections and disbursements
  • Provide year-end statements of all income and expense for your tax record
  • Conduct on-site exterior or interior inspections
  • Information is forwarded to owner if there are changes in the law which will affect an investment property owner
  • Semi-annual rental survey, maximization of rental income


  • Marketing – design/place ad in local newspaper, distribute flyers, and contact government agencies (HUD) / or large local companies referral department. We will place a professional looking “For Rent” sign and if necessary, banners and flags.
  • Web site – expose your property thorough the world wide web
  • Answer calls – (24 hour exposure) by giving out details such as amount of rent, security deposit, terms, and directions.
  • Show units – (any time) evenings/weekends/holidays. We personally meet prospective tenants and walk them throughout the property. By keeping track of comments and showings, we are able to keep the owner up dated with his particular property.
  • Tenant Selection – Prospective tenants submit a detailed application. From the information provided on the application, we are able to perform a thorough credit history check, verification of employment, banking, and residential history.
  • Move-in – Once we have a prospective tenant, we prepare the rental agreement for signing, provide the tenant with copies of house rules, CC&R’s, and a inspection form to make an inventory list of fixtures and condition of the property for future reference.


  • Provide 24-hour, 365 day-per-year emergency service
  • Coordinate and supervise all tenant maintenance needs through qualified vendors that are licensed and bonded
  • Conduct move-out inspection of vacated units to determine refurbishing requirement.
  • Keep detailed records of all maintenance performed on property.
  • Full supervision of property support service such as pool, landscaping, etc.

Chances Are Realty’s goal is simple and direct: to develop the highest possible net operating income while enhancing and protecting the property’s value.


You market your home and show your home:

  • Send all potential tenants to us for screening:
  • Process Rental application credit report: click here to submit payment – $40 per applicant
  • Security deposit collection
  • Execution of the lease.
    After we finish we will hand everything over to you.