Home Ownership Programs

Home Ownership Programs !

Chance at Home Ownership is a program that assist buyers when their credit is less than perfect.”
Don’t let the excitement of owning your own home lead you to make bad financial decisions. Let us guide you through the process.

How the Program Works
We offer a free personal profile 60 minute consultation to review your personal credit and other factors to see what needs to be done to help you qualify for your home. (You only pay for your credit report, which is $75) Based on the review, we will establish a personalized plan that will assist you in becoming qualified to purchase your home. The plan includes, but not limited to the following:
– Improving your personal credit score
– Improving your debt to income ratio
– Improving your ability to create and maintain a working budget
– Assist you with finding a home to purchase
– Assist you with finding a lender to fund your home purchase

Requirements to participate in this program :
– You must be willing to sign up for the personal profile review, which entails reviewing your personal credit and other factors.
– You must purchase your personal credit report via our program ($75)
– You must attend our 60 minute in-office personal profile review
– You must be willing to follow the program and complete all task involved to help you achieve your goals.
– You must be willing to give the program up to 12 months to complete.
– You must be willing to sign a 12-24 month real estate agreement with Chances Are Realty that states CAR will be your represented real estate agent when looking for a home to purchase.

If you are interested in starting this program, you may complete the request below or you can call 301-776-2444