Condo Management

Condominium ownership can be as stressful as management on a single family or townhouse management.  Chances Are Realty can help you stop worrying because our well-qualified team of condo property management specialists in Maryland has the skill and experience to help you minimize expenses while maximizing your return on investment.

Helping You Profit

We’re committed to the total satisfaction and long-term success of our valued clients. We work hard to eliminate worry, mitigate risk, and allow you to enjoy a positive property ownership experience. From managing your books and collecting fees to handling calls and enforcing bylaws, we handle condo property management efficiently and cost-effectively. We want to help you make the most of your investment property, and we pledge to continuously provide the professional, courteous service you deserve.

If you’re looking to have your condo serve as a consistent source of income, the right property management team can truly make a difference. Call us today to learn more about our condo management services.

Responsibilities of the owner

•Complying with the rules and guidelines that govern your lease.
• Paying the correct amount of rent on a timely basis each month.
• Providing accurate information to the owner at the certification or re-certification interview to determine your total tenant payment, and consenting to the release of information by a third party to allow for verification.
• Reporting changes in the family’s income.