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Mortgage Checklist.

The complex process of getting a mortgage is made clearer by breaking it down into steps. Here’s a checklist to help do just that.
Determine your mortgage limit •Create your expense snapshot — listing all expenses in your current budget
•Estimate potential homeowner expenses and include them in your snapshot
•Estimate your monthly payments using an online calculator
•Calculate your debt-to-income ratio to determine your mortgage limit
•Decide how you will make a down payment and how much

Check your credit
Determine the type of loan that is best for you.
Choose a lender, or several.
Get pre-approved. You’ll need the following information when applying: •Paycheck stubs for the last 30 days
•One W-2 tax return if you’ve had your job for over two years, or two if otherwise
•Recent credit card statements
•Two bank statements over last 90 days
•Proof of pensions, retirement, disability, or Social Security
•Proof of income from rentals, investments, etc.
•Proof of child support or alimony paid/received
•Loan information on current home (if you own one)
•401K statements
•Divorce decree (if applicable)
Get a Good Faith Estimate of fees as a part of your pre-approval.
Lock in your rates.
Bring all documentation to the closing.
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